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Originally Posted by magnuskn View Post
Thank you SO MUCH, you two!
Originally Posted by Urei View Post
Yeah, big thx
No prob!

Ok, I'm done with the second strip:

Alto: Thank you, for this
Sheryl: You don't have to return it (the important thing is), you're back
Alto: Absolutely not! You've already given me so much. I can't be the only one on the receiving end.
[EDIT: Figured it out! It's not ame! It's actually "両方" read as "ryouho" meaning something like reciprocality.]
Alto: Besides, I get to have you instead. Isn't that the best part?
Alto (muttering): Say something *is embarrassed*
Sheryl: Alto!
Alto: Oh, nothing~

Yup...something like that.

Will do the 3rd later, I've to play some MMO, lol.

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