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*pant* *pant*

raile just took some few good years off my life with all those fan comics. ;_;

orz orz orz

Ok, let's try some...


Text says: Advance my slave!!
Alto: *pleasurable sigh*


Alto: Tissue, check. Condom, check.
Sheryl: What the hell is this malice hanging in the air?
Alto: *humming in the background*


Sheryl: A-alto...s-stop...
*licks ear* *bites ear*
Alto: Don't want to
Sheryl: Why (are you) like this?

Alto: This pisses me off! That manager of yours, she did this to you! (I guess he's referring to her illness) And when I think of it... *lowers voice* it totally pisses me off.
Sheryl: Baka...are you a kid or something?

Alto: Is it so bad if I'm a kid? You are my...

awww~ This one is so made of win. I can almost hear Alto's pained shouts. *ep 22 vibes* That scene with Alto crying out, "yamero!" is just so powerful. <3 <3


Sheryl: I'm making dinner tonight, so come home early, ok?
Alto: After saying such a thing...*looks disappointedly at a sleeping Sheryl*

Alto: She fell asleep
*touches her cheek*
Alto: Really, this person...
Alto: *thinking* She looks so peaceful sleeping [not sure, I read it as "sabireteru mitai da na nemukashito kuka"]
Sheryl: Alto...Welcome home!

Alto: O_O
Alto: Jeez, really....
Alto: I'm home, Sheryl

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