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Finally finished with this. I must warn you though, that my translation almost completely stripped off this fan comic's poetic-ness aside from definite inaccuracies. >.<

Page 1
Sheryl: Ah~ That was delicious! Please clean the dishes up, A~l~t~o
Alto: Fine, fine
*Sheryl walks off high and Alto mutters something under his breath but smiles anyway*

Later on...

Page 2
Sheryl: Hmm~ this feels so nice
Alto: Even though you say it's nice, is it really comfortable sleeping (on something) like that?
Sheryl: *next few lines are all from Sheryl's POV up to the part where Alto looks over his back* If only time would stop on this simple moment. If I told you that, would you laugh? It's like a sweet dream even though I can only watch....just a bit more.
Sheryl: Your chest, your eyes, your gracefulness. They are all dear to me now, that's why...give me a bit more time

Page 3
Alto: *walks over to Sheryl hand on his hip* Geez, really, sleeping in a place like this
Sheryl: *raises her arms up*
Alto: ?!
Sheryl: Nnn~!

Page 4
Alto: *carries Sheryl* Guess there's no helping it
Sheryl: Baka Alto...
Alto: Sheryl?
Text: Is this loneliness?
Sheryl: Don't go home. Stay by my side, always.
Text: Every thing is alright.

Page 5
Alto: Sheryl, what's wrong?
Sheryl: *thinking* That's a lie.
Text: It is loneliness.

(thanks to Natsu for spotting my mistakes :3)

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