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*Alto fumbles*
Alto: What the? There's no--
Sheryl: Alto...this is a sports bra

*Alto unzips halfway*
Alto: !@# The zipper is stuck!
Sheryl: It's alright...I will give you everything

*Sheryl does her job*
Alto: You're quite experienced with this
Sheryl: You think so?
*Alto huffs*
Sheryl: The first time I did this...I was 12 (O_O no wai)
Alto: W-WHAT?!?!?!? SHERYL YOU---!!!!

Lol omg that's super crack


*Alto tries the dish*
*looks at Sheryl*
*Sheryl humming*
Text below music note bubble: looks delicious~
*Sheryl tastes the dish*
Sheryl: It is delicious
Alto: Would you want to try something else that's good?
Sheryl: ?
*Alto gestures for Sheryl to come closer*
*kiss* (awww!)
Sheryl: Geez, Alto where did you learn such pick-up lines? (note, in here, she starts "Alto no kuseni", a direct trans would be "even though you're Alto". I didn't include it though cuz it's tricky to incorporate. The 2nd post in this discussion explains the usage)
Alto: Shut up!
*Michel sneezes* (and I can't decipher the handwriting completely )

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