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Shaloom, the guy who posted the liner notes for the Macross episodes on the Spanish langugage Macross Generation forum also posted some rumours floating around the Japanese message boards. Very interesting stuff, although one particular rumour is very discouraging. Link

Here goes:

About the film:

- It wonīt be longer than 90 minutes
- There were plans to make it two films, but due to the economic crisis those plans were put on reconsideration
- Almost all the staff returns for the production, except Ohnogi.
- The movie isnīt directed by Kawamori, but he stays on as executive producer
- There are visual changes, for clothes, decoration and style
- Yoko Kanno is at the moment in Poland, recording the new OST.

About the story:

- There will be generally new plots and a new interpretation of the story
- Will Sheryl win? Will Ranka win? It is a fact that there will be a winner. But they say... that Kawamori insists that the triangle either stay open or that Ranka wins. ( Yeah, that was the bad part of this batch of rumours ).
- Some chatty Japanese say that there were very severe discussions about the triangle between the staff and that maybe this is the reason that Ohnogi doesnīt participate in the movie.
- There has been a "scene" which was worked on "highly secretively". Only Kawamori and the director Kikuchi have seen the storyboard. What kind of scene will it be? Combat? A concert?

About the characters:

- According to some chatty Japanese people, there will be an enormous fanservice scene of a nude Sheryl.
- We will get to know more about the past of the characters.
- There will be more romantics and more kisses between the couples than we have seen in the series. ( Shaloom supposes Cathy / Ozma and Michael / Klan ).

Okay, these are rumours, so donīt freak out yet. Letīs hope they are not true on the "Ranka has to win" part and that enough angry fans mail Kawamori that he reconsiders.

Also, please try to keep this stuff here on Animesuki. If anybody takes this anywhere, which I do not hope, then, for Gods sake, please attribute this to Shaloom on the Macross Generation forums and include the links. They are very touchy about this over there. We do not want this source to dry up, because some people were behaving like dinks.
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