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I've been assured that it's safe to post this, so all is well in the end. Anyway, also included in the liner notes is an interview transcript, where Ohnogi was interviewed on topics such as the development and direction of the series, the two heroines and the love triangle. Much thanks to darkplataform has kindly posted his friend's translation of the article, and I was also told that there are other fragments of the interview, so there may be more to come. This extract is slightly modified due to minor spelling and structure errors, but other than that, everything remains the same. The interview was found at Spanish website Macross Generation Forums, which was graciously posted by Shaloom.

The inclusion of Hiroshi Ohnogi to the staff of Macross Frontier caused furor in various Japanese forums, and actor Kenta Miyake (Bobby Margo) has invited him to the Macross Radio program for an interview. The program was broadcast on the Radio MBS, August 9, 2008.

This interview covered various subjects, his career, what he was doing before entering Macross Frontier and what their plans were in the series. Here is the extract referent to Macross Frontier:

(Note that the actor Kenta Miyake personifies Bobby Margo in his program, so understand this interview as "Bobby Margo" interviewing Hiroshi Ohnogi .)

Bobby: Well, Hiroshi-kun, now you were listed as a writer of Macross Frontier. I wonder if you will make Ranka and I rule the galaxy...

Hiroshi Ohnogi: (Laughs) Believe me, the director had asked me to, but honestly, I do not feel able to do so.

B: But why? I don't bite, believe me. I'm sexier than any star.

HO: You can say I have another plan in mind.

B: Tell us! I'm eager to know what will happen ... Are you going to move the ship to a dark place in the universe where Ozma and I can be alone?

HO: Rather, I want this great story become epic, and there are many people who are going to change. Others may be dying and others will have a confirmation in their motivations. The series is going through a good moment but I think the fans now have more questions than answers. Where to go? Why is my favorite character not evolving? Who is behind all this? Now is a good time for Frontier to expand the story and find new faces.

B: Exactly who do you think?

HO: Well, I convinced Kawamori to let me do a Macross Frontier epic. His series has everything but that and Macross has always been epic. That's why I came.

B: What motivated you to call Kawamori-sama and ask that you want to work with us?

HO: In fact it was the opposite; in the episode Mother's Lullaby, I saw Kawamori put some tributes to the novels of Macross TV Series writted in 1983. I invited him to my house for dinner and during that time, Kawamori talked about Frontier's history and what we wanted to do. Then he asked for my opinion, and I told him that, as he had planned the story and the changes he had made, the series had lost their way.

B: Kawamori-sama lost direction? Has Macross Frontier made many changes?

HO: That's very common in a TV series. This relates to how the market is reacting and the popularity polls of the characters that make the magazines every month. In these surveys, directors and writers see an idea of how history is acting in the public and we can correct or improve the series to gain a wider audience.

B: I'm surprised that Kawamori-sama accept that it had lost its way.

HO: Well, that was my opinion; perhaps to other writers, everything went perfect. But Kawamori believed in me and asked me to help him. I immediately felt like I returned back in time, to 1982 when we began to write the ending of Macross TV Series.

B: What aspect in the series motivates you to accept Kawamori-sama's invitation?

HO: In order of importance?

B: Yes, please! Do you have a list of top-ten beauties? Tell me that was me!

HO: (laughs) I have to accept that I love your afro hairstyle, I would have to be reborn to have a hair like that. But no, you were not a reason.

B: So who or whom?

HO: For reason number 1: Sheryl Nome. In "Star Date" I loved that character. When I saw the episode in the morning, I told my wife, it was like watching a sleeping lion and was only woken up to hunt in a spectacular way, and then went back to sleep. That is, in previous episodes, you see a common J-Pop diva. That means she obeys to an image and her attitude should reflect that image, but we see a charming woman in Star Date, who puts her foot to a boy and makes fun of him, who hides his amulet, who hunt butterflies like any woman of her age, who feels wonderful with the simple things such as the blue sky, the viewpoints, and who likes to be treated as a normal girl. [Who doesn't care what others think of her not being able to repress her urge to write. As writers, we sometimes have this kind of reaction, we look at every kind of things to manifest our art, and she does it like the artist she is.] - Translation edited by Magnuskn

B: I think that's the episode where the Sheryl fan in you appeared.

HO: I would not call myself a Sheryl fan but I saw a diamond in the rough screaming to give it a personality and I will do. Sheryl has many facets that have been somewhat misunderstood. In Macross, to be a legend, there are multiple processes and one of them is humility, something that Sheryl does not have at this time. We'll see until where it can take up and of course she endure it. The diamond bears great pressure before it turns beautiful; we'll see if this is the case.

B Who else got your attention?

HO: Grace O'Connor. In fact I have big surprises for her. You could not imagine the character that she can become. Macross generally know little of idols "managers". This case is very different, Grace will offer a lot to talk about. Saotome Alto is also a rare and unique character. While I am not very sure of his convictions to make sacrifices, I think he can make things interesting.

B: Grace? But she is thin and those lenses do not turn anyone on! And ranka-chan? TELL ME RANKA-CHAN CAUGHT YOUR ATTENTION TOO!

HO: (laughs) Also I can not deny that I have much of my attention on Ranka Lee. Although, unfortunately, she carries a heavy burden of being the child spoiled by the director. The other day, I told Kawamori that he was an irresponsible father because Ranka was very pampered. Not even Minmay had been so pampered, and she was the favorite of the staff. Ranka has enormous potential, but history has led her to a stereotype, so instead of support, she has become a dramatic burden on the story of Frontier. I want to reverse that. How? I do not know. I am still thinking.

B: Ranka-chan is a legend too.

HO: She is a diamond in the rough but who had put on a collar already. It's like being the daughter of a famous artist on stage and people expect the best of everything from you, perfection, the best songs, best choreographies. Ranka was indeed one of the reasons why I told Kawamori his script had lost its way. Ranka is more than an idol, but the problem is that her own creator did not intend to make her grow out more than the stereotype of an idol. Ranka is nothing without a microphone. In Macross, there is no idol that could become useless without the microphone. And Ranka is no exception. For that I am here.

B: What do you think of ranka-chan?

HO: I have great ideas with her past, she has a past that is very painful to show with the character she currently possess. That past defines the personality without a microphone in the middle. The series itself is about that past and she will have to confront and assimilate it. I hope that defines Ranka and the series.

B: What do you think of the love triangle?

HO: The triangle has been defined little by the lack of decision of the director. But I hope that I can define it with the few episodes that are left. At least I have the permission by Kawamori to have total control over the matter.

B: I heard you had a very long meeting with Kawamori-sama about the opening.

HO: Kawamori told me that episode 18 would be completely done with my script. This episode had also been scheduled for the premiere of the new opening, strangely named "Lion". Do I mentioned that is how I think of Sheryl? Mrs Yoko Kanno and I had worked in Macross Plus so Kawamori and I joined immediately to work the opening concept. Kawamori wanted to send a "preview" to what they will see in subsequent episodes. There is a lot of symbolism of what will happen, so do not miss it and be observers.

B: What can we hope now in Macross Frontier?

HO: Drama, romance, an epic story, great dialogue, memorable scenes. What is really a Macross, I hope you like my work.

B: Thank you, Ohnogi-san.

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