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A: What the FARK?
Q: Simple.. the theme wants you to make a signature that focus on faces.. any faces. However, faces alone is boring, thus the stipulation of it must be half face. The other half can be cropped out, covered or simply hidden out of view.
Example of half face ..

< horo's face on the left is usuable.

<- I'll accept this if her left eye is hidden from the view.

Signature example
< Stolen from Ehko, I remember Rika having a Yuki Nagato sig as well, but I'm too lazy to find it in his huge thread. This btw, isn't anime enough by my standard to be accepted D:
<- the BG face

Rejected render choice.
Theorically face not covered.
Well, not enough covered D:

Q: What will accepted?
A: Almost everything, however, please make sure that at least half of the face is covered.. If you can see both eyes, the nose and the mouth, you can almost sure that I'll reject it. Also, as with my previous theme, non anime render is NOT accepted. Game render, if its anime based, will be.

A: Its easy at first glance, and there's plenty of render to choose. However, getting the signature composition will be hopefully a little bit of a challenge to invoke the right feeling. Also, we already had 2 tough sotm themes back to back, hopefully, an easy theme will reignite more peoples to rejoin the competition.

Good Luck. Theme not so easy to animate.. Thank God I'm sitting out
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