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Originally Posted by Yogi
To all of you who say that Sasuke is justified in his selfish actions.
Let is say that a US nuclear engineer wants revenge against someone. In order to do so, he goes and joins Osama bin Laden and the Taliban. What would you say to him?

1) Oh good job. You're persuing what you really want and that's fine. I'll be thinking of you when Osama blows up a US city.

2) Nope, only Uchiha Sasuke is allowed to take a very dangerous secret and join the enemy of the village that raised him to furthur his evil ends. To all other people, our eyes are not clouded by mindless fanboyism.

Now let's say the traitor is captured by US forces and is being tried for Treason. His defense is that his family was killed as a kid and he just wanted revenge (Edit: Also, that he was never really loyal to America anyway, only to himself). Would you go

1) Oh, you poor poor thing. Of course, by all means your actions were justified. Anyone who has had something like this happen to him can become an acessory to mass murder and it would be perfectly justified.
O someone did that already. He joined the Taliban because he felt his muslim religion beckoned him to. And shot at other Americans.

Great huh. He's a hero in the Taliban's eyes.

Just like T.E. Lawrence or Lawrence of Arabia. He betrayed England, rallied up millions of arabs, and used british technology to fight his own country.

In other words, how can one be defined as a hero?

O here's a better one.

Benedict Arnold.

He's a hero in the UK, but a traitor in America.
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