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Originally Posted by Yogi
Sasuke's goal isn't evil.
Sasuke betraying the leaf and joining the enemy, while taking over a valuable secret weapon, is evil.
Ahh, but all those are part of his goal and he hasn't done anything that could be considered 'evil'. Besides, ambition can't be considered evil because literally, evil means apathy with no force and just kills and kills and kills and do lots of dirty things without thinking (evil has no conscience) and Sasuke is not apathetic. He is driven by an ambition and ambition is certainly not evil - its a double sided sword. Once it gets too obsessive, it drives anyone to their limit and their mentality is uncapable of being stable. As Sasuke, heh. He looks pretty f*cked up. But on the other hand, ambition can be a good thing, like Naruto. See the difference?

Heh. This was a pretty chapter, the drawings were excellent and Naruto is pissed off. Lol.

Wonder what a pissed off Naruto will do when he has the ability to use Rasengan and semi-control Kyuubi's chakra.

It looks like a fight seems inevitable but there's that feeling again that someone's going to interrupt.
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