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Originally Posted by wistfulloner View Post
That's because Toradora doesn't look half as good as MoHS in terms of animation quality, and is (if I'm not wrong) not as hyped.
Originally Posted by Neki Ecko View Post
But you have to remember that nobody knew about Toradora! except some of the people that have already read the novel and it wasnt over-hyped like Haruhi or already established like Clannad.
Uh, guys, Haruhi was practically unknown before it was animated, (At least as well known as Toradora was) and it wasn't hyped at all.

Just a small announcement that KyoAni would be animating a relatively successful light novel series.

And then the first episode came out and the Internet exploded.

Originally Posted by Forbin View Post
I still am hoping for a harem ending.
Good luck with that, man.
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