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Originally Posted by Mizuno View Post
Can someone identify what this is from?

No, this is not from Nana or Winter Garden.

This is from the OVA vol.1 of 夜が来る! (Yoru ga Kuru!: A Night comes!)
Adult OVA series based on adult eroge of the same name.
Unlike the other two posters before this, this is 100% confirmed. I even pulled out the DVDs to check myself.
In this scene, the couple are hanging out at the cafe, but the guy makes rude comments at a psychic otaku girl.
The girl retaliates by manupilating the couple to break up. The guy runs out of the cafe, and his girlfriend chases him, but he shrugs her off as you see in the scene.
Depressed, the girl wanders in the rain, and is eventually raped by a tentacle monster.

Another long-time mystery solved.
Being an Alicesoft fan (obviously from my avatar and sig) for years, I shoulda been able to ID this earlier.

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