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[MANGA] Bleach Chapter 351 Discussion

The Lust 5


* Ulquiorra regenerates his missing arm. "the best of my is that i can exchange my incredible power in order to regenerate almost every part of my body at incredible speeds"

* Ulquiorra is the only arrancar that is capable of regenerate his body at incredible speeds with the exception of his brain and internal organs.

* After that explanation he makes a "Lanza del Relampago". It seems it is really hard to use it.

* Ishida is scared, and then Ichigo uses a Sonido. Ulquiorra uses the "Lanza del Relampago" at a point-blank range.

* But Ichigo stops the attack with his own hands. Ichigo defeats Ulquiorra, steps on his head and uses a Cero

* The big explosion at the end is Ichigo letting loose.

Credits : Zangetsu01 / Annie / GAT-X252 / Ohna / 69Ruma


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