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Vol.11 "Spice and Wolf Vol.XI Side Colors II" is released on May 10.
This volume is a collection of side stories.
The following three stories are contained in this.

1. Kuro-ōkami no Yurikago (The cradle of black wolf) / A newly-written novelette
2. Ōkami to Ōgon-iro no Yakusoku (A wolf and a golden promise)
First publication: Dengekibunko magazine Vol.4/Vol.5 (Oct 10, 2008/Dec 10, 2008) / B5 size Text: 24 pages, Illustration: 3 pages
3. Wakakusa-iro no Yorimichi (A bright green detour)
First publication: Dengekibunko magazine Prologue 2 (Feb 9, 2008) / B5 size Text: 8 pages, Illustration: 2 pages

2. 3.
Spoiler for Summary:
I think that "1" is the first story in which Horo and Lawrence do not appear.


I think that the following side stories will be published by Side Colors III or later volume.

1. Ōkami to Hoshi-iro no Tōboe (A wolf and a star colored howl)
First publication: All of Spice and Wolf (Dec 10, 2008) / B5 size Text: 11 pages, Illustration: 1 page
2. Ōkami to Yūgure-iro no Okurimono (A wolf and a nightfall color's present)
First publication: Dengekibunko magazine Vol.6 (Feb 10, 2009) / B5 size Text: 10 pages, Illustration: 1 page
3. Ōkami to Momo no Hachimitsuzuke (A wolf and a honey pickled peach)
First publication: Dengekibunko magazine Vol.7/Vol.8 (Apr 10, 2009/Jun 10, 2009)
4. Ōkami to Kin no Mugiho (Wolf and Gold Wheat)
First publication: The visual novel of a same name (Apr 30, 2009)

1. 2. 3. 4.
Spoiler for Summary:
I think that the following side (spin-off) stories will not be collected and reprinted by ASCII MEDIA WORKS.

1. Gakuen Horo-tan♥ (Horo-tan Academy ♥)
First publication: Official pirate book, Dengeki hajimari & period (Nov 24, 2007) / A5 size Text: 11 pages, Illustlation: 2 pages
2. Gakuen Horo-tan・MW Gakuen-hen (Horo-tan Academy MW Academy Part)
First publication: Dengeki Collaboration Saigono Kane ga naru toki (Oct 10, 2008) / A6 size Illustlation: 4 pages
3. DENGEKI GAKUEN RPG cross of venus Isuna Hasekura
First publication: DS game CROSS of VENUS reservation privilege (Mar 19, 2009) / A6 size Text: 14 pages, Illustlation: 1 page

1. 2. 3.
Spoiler for Summary:

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