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Took me a while to work on certain details but I finished Fuuko's profile.

Here it is~~

Spoiler for Minawa Fuuko:

She'll only enter in BreakerS' sequel WindS-B for obvious reasons.
Why the "B"? That's because this scenario is based on how BreakerS is going to at the moment...kind of like a Visual Novel where you choose a different path that leads to a different development.
WindS-A will only be "unlocked" when I finish BreakerS Main Story properly (there'll be a small After Story, but it's just for the lulz)

Well, there's also another character to introduce, but I'm still working on her design and profile
She'll be Fuuko's partner in the academy and TSAB rank exams, and share a bond akin to Subaru and Teana...kinda

I did review it a few times for errors, but do point out any mistake I may have done
Oh, and give your opinion about her profile too


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