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Well what do you know I acutally managed to get myself motivated to do some writing.

This is Part One of Chapter Four (as yet untitled beyond that)
Earlier chapters can be located here:

This might be a bit rough as I just finished banging it out, but I'm tired and don't really care. Small bits of this are a rehash of some snippets I posted earlier though allot of it is new, total length ended up at about 5.5k words which I think is a fairly good chunk without being insane.

This chapter also marks the first appearance of a third party character in my fic though he doesn't do too much this chapter. I have some others such cameos in the planning stages for later. Anyway there's no action in this bit and I doubt they'll be any in the next segment either as this is the transition chapter that sets up the move into the main plot. Lots of talking basically and a few bits of humor (hopefully) here and there.
Spoiler for Chapter 4.1:

Not much really said I feel the need to comment on thread wise and I'm beat anyway, but I will take this chance to poke Dragon Boy.
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I'll wait until her wanders in here again then.
Or you could go on IRC where he is nearly everyday and ask him yourself like I did today...

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