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Originally Posted by marksky View Post
I know i really look like dumb but is there a tutorial on how to use virtualdub?

I've tried to scan here, and other sites using google.. But still i don't get some useful info, well for a beginner i guess.. >.>
I know i shouldn't be doing this but I will try to explain vdub as simple as possible sorry no pictures
1) open a video file avi preferable so you don't have to deal with avisyth (won't explain basic of the basics)
2)have the times you where you want to start and where you want to stop already press ctrl g to pop up the search for times/frames (dont be confused when putting times down it goes minutes:seconds:milliseconds NOT hour:minutes:seconds)
3)the time line should got to the starting frame, press the 2nd to last button on the bottom menu (black arrow pointing left)
4)ctrl g again to insert the end time now and press the last button on the bottom menu
5)there should be two black markers that look like the buttons you pressed earlier to mark the times on the time line
6) file....export....image sequence
7)insert the folder of where you want everything to be saved (recommend making a new folder there are a lot of frames even in a 2 second segment)
save the pictures into whatever format floats your boat

Some advice dealing with frames, after getting the frames open them with somesort of picture gallery so you can use the arrows on the keyboard to navigate the pictures (it is a lot easier to see the duplicates...write down the duplicates on a piece of paper so you can erase them later) hope that helps and doesn't get me into trouble with the administrators if there are any questions pm me do not post on forum don't ask how to use avisyth it is way beyond me (i convert them to avi's)
*i know there is a tutorial out there somewhere on the forums look hard enough and its there*
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