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Originally Posted by Catnips View Post
I think there's a new Myself;Yourself game on the PS2:
I just found out about this myself. So what exactly is this supoosed to be about? It's apparently a spin-off of the first game with new scenarios according to wiki, but is it about Sana and Shuusuke again, or some other characters? (apparently the game does introduce new characters)

I think it would be rather interesting if they "reversed" Shuusuke and Sana's routes in this game, i.e. giving you routes for SanaxAsami and ShuusukexAoi, lol.

EDIT: Hmm, after some research into various websites followed by some heavy Japense translation, it looks like the game has 4 scenarios;

An After Story following the end of SanaxNanaka's route

An After Story following the end of ShuusukexAsami's route

Two Another Stories, a parallel story of the first game, with two duo scenarios; Shuri and Aoi, and Hinako and Yuzuki. (and no, not "duo" as in couples, so don't lose your heads, yuuri fans )

A bit disappointing that we don't get alternate routes like SanaxAsami (I'd love to play that route), but After Stories of SanaxNanaka and ShuusukexAsami are nice too. (I would really have wanted to play After Stories of ShuusukexHinako, SanaxShuri, and SanaxYuzuki as well, though)

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