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Originally Posted by sangofe View Post
Thank you for this guide. Can anyone please translate it to English?
Thanks the author

This is what you need for extracting CC to srt/ass:
Required tools (put them in the same folder):
3.subpick.bat (optional)

1&2 are included in
3 here

You can use Caption2Ass.exe with cli, or just D&D the ts file to subpick.bat
Modify the bat if needed
detail on Caption2Ass in readme (

parameters (from readme):
-PMT_PID : specify pid
Ex: Caption2Ass.exe -PMT_PID 1f0 "C:\MyRecordedTsFile.ts"
-format : Specify subtitles format (srt/ass)
Ex: Caption2Ass.exe -format srt "C:\MyRecordedTsFile.ts"
You can also specify the output file name
Ex: Caption2Ass.exe -format srt "C:\MyRecordedTsFile.ts" "D:\"
Not specified=> use ts file name

For srtsync, I'm afraid I misunderstood the guide, so perhaps someone else can explain about this. Or maybe it just doesn't work.
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