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Originally Posted by Jintor View Post
Subtle differences. Slightly smaller eyes is all I need. It'll stop making her look pre-teen.
...She's 15. A 15-year-old, slightly underdeveloped Japanese girl.

Originally Posted by Jintor View Post
Tsukihime did what? Links, bro.
Tsukihime was Type-Moon's first visual novel. As a result, it's, um, substandard quality.

What they did was photograph various areas and tint them different shades depending on the time of day, and ran them through some kind of blur filter. Surprisingly, it does work.

Should also mention now... In Kyonko's route, the route begins with Kyon not having a damned clue who she is. As a result, since he doesn't want to keep calling her "Girl A" and she won't tell him her name, he starts calling her "Nayuki", after his cousin. Good idea or no?

Originally Posted by Binjovi View Post
Yeah... You're probably going to want to get someone else to draw those. It's not really something I'd feel comfortable with. Very sorry, but that should be understandable.
Again, I don't actually need them. Sex is really only important to Itsuko's route, as of now...
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