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Originally Posted by raile View Post
You are very welcome!

*looks at FD meaningfully*
Bottom line: Alto has a dirty mind but so does Sheryl

Speed trans:

Sheryl: *stares*
Alto: What is it?
Sheryl: *slurps Alto's ice cream* [;D]

Sheryl: Mmm! Green tea flavour is also delicious!
(side text: but I like the strawberry flavoured one more [I think that's what it says])
Alto: Y-you...what are you thinking of!
Sheryl: Hm?
Sheryl: Give me a bit. Isn't it good? You scrooge.
Alto: Yea sure, don't bother (to pay attention/listen)!
Sheryl: What?
Alto: You just did an indirect kiss!
Sheryl: *blush* Eh...

Sheryl: How crud! For you to think of such a thing!
Alto: I...didn't realize...
Sheryl: I didn't mean anything like that.
Alto: That was quite unexpected...(side text: no, you knew, didn't you?)
Alto: Oh crap...she's so cute

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