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Naw. Final episode should be an all-out deathmatch where Takeru, Hikari, Akari, Ioneous, and Kwan duke it out to determine who is the REAL supreme ruler of the land. Hikari needs to pull some serious DBZ moves (and I actually hate DBZ) on Takeru. What was with that wimpy power-slap, anyways? Ioneus gets to use his little sludge-buddy, which will get it's ass kicked by Akari, and Kwan will pwn everyone else while Ryou stands on the side passively, staring off into space. In the end, they'll all get caught up so much in the fighting, Hikari will forget to destroy the world. Then, Kimi will stand over the broken bodies of the fighters and declare herself queen of the world. Then, we get to see Konomini Season 2: Kimi Ninomiya Pwns U!

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