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The return of the Haruhi franchise is indeed quite an event to celebrate for many of you. However, I would like to remind to all of you, that regardless what series you are discussing about, rules are to be followed.
And for Haruhi case, there is no exception. To the contrary, rules will be enforced.

Originally Posted by Rules that are particularly at stake here
I already had to delete more than 20 posts regarding raws and streaming. This rule has been present from the very beginning and always reminded in every weekly episode thread. Therefore, please do not overlook this, or else, you will most likely earn a very dumb ban for something really predictable.

Also, as much as we understand people's enthusiasm, we believe there is a fine way to convey that: Animesuki is not a chat room, nor a random place that allows countless comments and chatters. Therefore, please keep your composure and post intelligently: things like "WOOOOT" and the like are frowned upon and hardly contribute anything to a discussion.

Finally, the sub-forum of Haruhi will most likely be back on "current series" but only in due time. The fact the new episode has been aired today doesn't mean the need to put that forum back to current series is that urgent. It doesn't prevent all of you to discuss normally. Consequently, please be patient.

Considering the mess here and there, I believe this thread should be left locked for few more moments, in order to allow all of you to chill out.
That being said, any infraction to the rules will be treated harsher from now on, considering the blunt reminder and the stream of offenses in mere 2 hours. Using such rash measures isn't exactly our policies, but exceptionnal circumstances call for exceptionnal measures.

Thanks for your understanding.
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