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I translated this interview with Hiroyuki Yoshino over the weekend and posted it on MacrossWorld. It's from the Macross F Official Fan Book, p. 92. It's only the first part of the the rest he talks about Klan in the movie, and the love triangle nobody noticed (Mishima/Grace/Birla). Anyway, enjoy!

Hiroyuki Yoshino was Frontier's series organizer and its scriptwriter.

- I've heard about it in many places already, but since a lot of people are talking about it, let's start witht the love triangle. The love of Alto, Ranka, and Sheryl...why didn't you conclude it?

Yoshino: Whether or not to conclude it was quite a last-minute decision, actually. Like, looking at the final scene, inside everyone...we never explicitly stated it, but..."which will win, who will stick together?" It shouldn't become that kind of attitude. "It might not have to be like that," was the feeling I got.
Every member of the staff spoke out about it, but for a quiet and unsociable person like Alto to act naturally, he should love the sky more than girls, right? So, you can't force a decision, you have to let the other people choose their own path.
"Won't the fans be angry about it?"
"Yeah. But, well, that's okay. I'm prepared for that."
That was the kind of conversations I had. Afterwards, when everyone had given different feedback, I think Kawamori-san got a little upset. At least, he looked worried about it.
However, when we went to see the Budokan Concert, and saw Sheryl and Ranka sharing the same stage, I said to Kawamori-san, "Not having a conclusion was good, wasn't it?" "Yes, it was. Looking at it now, and looking at the stage, it seems like it would feel kind of strange if we had had one.*" (Laughs)

- But wait. Of course saying that Alto loves the sky is fine up to a point, but in episode 22, he and Sheryl end up staying together all night... Recently, I've been talking with the voice actors, and there's been some talk about that. I heard there was a great uproar that was very funny.

Yoshino: (laughs). Certainly, whatever happened between those two created a lot of anxiety. I won't talk about any of this, it's better to leave it to the imagination...
During the voice recording for the original image and storyboard image (Note: the final animation hadn't yet been completed), we ended up creating a somewhat indecent version for the rough cut with "Oh..." sighs from the voice actors and even from the staff in the booth on this side.
But no. I wonder what what really did happen that night? Only Alto and Sheryl know the truth.

- Won't this "Indecent Cut" be resurrected on the BD and DVD!?

Yoshino: Hmmm, what should we do with it? Rather than look forward to it in the TV version, what about the movie...? We're considering how to get it out there. We could also use it for publicity (laughs).

- And one more thing about this: Alto's strange advance continues. In Episode 23, he says "Ranka is the reason I joined S.M.S." In 24, he says "I'll return to you" to Sheryl... And at the end, it's "Both of you are my wings"!

Yoshino: I think Alto doesn't have much self-awareness. Unreflective and a little obnoxious (laughs). Just speaking personally, in episode 24 when he leaves Sheryl, in that conversation the two of them have before he goes off to battle, I think his real feelings, which he didn't even understand himself, spilled out.
But of course, thank goodness that doesn't settle it! Fans of both girls try to support them, saying things about the ending like "He was heading towards Ranka!" and "No! Sheryl won!" and it's best that people see it however they want to see it. There are as many different endings as there are people who watch the show, and the feeling is that no one is insisting they stay quiet about it.

*Thankfully, Renato (at Macrossworld) finally clarified this. Since the Budokan show happened a week or so after the end of Frontier, it would have felt strange looking at the stage and seeing one girl as a winner and the other as a loser.
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