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Originally Posted by raile View Post

Alto: I think its time...
Sheryl: Eh?
Alto: Won't you...trace my empty edges?
-------->a parody to the lyrics of Northern Cross
-------translated by FD
(FD! This is roughly all I can remember from your trans in our chat. Please correct me! DX)

I was wrong, sorry, I misread a few hiragana. orz phail *does not understand how I can misread hiragana, but I did, gah*

Alto: Hey, it's alright now, right?
Sheryl: Eh?
Alto: Won't you forgive me soon enough?

Forgive him for what, I have no idea. Maybe impregnating her? Lol!

Originally Posted by magnuskn View Post
Hm, that second one needs some sort of translation.
Sheryl: Tsk
Alto: Ranka...
Ranka: I can't sing like this! *wails like she always does*
*Sheryl walks over*
Ranka: S-sheryl-san?
Ranka: Aimo!!!
*Ranka's spirit goes "kira"*
*Sheryl starts beating her up again*
Sheryl: Come on! Come on! Come on!
Ranka: W-wait! I, I will sing!
Alto: W-were, finished (with her), right?
Sheryl: Great!


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