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Originally Posted by Sid_Burn
are you talking to me or to dreamless?... If you are talking to me... I am not referring to deleting post or locking up threads... I just want a previledge to edit my own created thread so if some accident happen... like for example... the name of thread seems wrong and you want to change it... then by just using edit... you can change the title right away...
Sheesh, how many time do we need to tell you. Those type of changes require hacks into the vB s/w so they are not going to happen.

And again, are you really not aware that you can edit the name of the thread! As long as you made the edit within 5 minutes of the original post, you can edit it. Polls you can't edit, once you create them, any changes will require a Mod.

As for your first question, I think it's clear that Thany was referring to dreamless.

And please, if you have any more questions, read the thread before making another pointless post.
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