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The Latest Interview from Tite Kubo:

PCWC: How do you compare yourself with the other two big mangaka?

Kubo: Well, Oda is a great mangaka with style and excellent writing abilities but he just can't relate to the young people like I can.

PCWC: And how do you think you relate to the young people?

Kubo: With long faces, sadness, holes and the color black all over the place. Young people love foreign languages and fancy names. Of course, the occasional mexican is nice.

PCWC: I believe Oda is married with a wife. You have little to slow you down.

Kubo: Hey! You dare talk to me like that?! I'm married already, to my art!

PCWC: she even cosplays as Nami.

Kubo: Whoa...really? Damn, that's tight. No wonder he's happy. The best I've got is my subway sandwiches that I dress up like Orihime.

PCWC: Why Orihime?

Kubo: What's the word? She's my...waifu! There you go! She's my waifu! Ichigo is actually me in manga form.

PCWC: I don't understand, you and Ichigo are nothing alike.

Kubo: Neophyte! Ichigo can't die and I drank a tub of bleach without dying! What me to screw that into your head?!
And with that last line, isn't it clear to everyone that Kubo is in fact a character in Bleach? I found this amusing! So what you'll see below is a bunch of funny interviews where Kubo, a Bleach character, will be saying things he would never say.

The brainchild is a godly anon on 4chan, credit goes to him and the 4chan community. There a few in-jokes you might need to know to get the humour. For non-manga readers, Kubo is regularly made fun of because he's gotten into the habit of drawing blank pages for backgrounds in the manga. Less frequently completely black pages. But the white pages predominate. Also, he's rich.

Spoiler for Tite Kubo:

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