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Originally Posted by Komari View Post
Could someone translate this picture? It's a bit much, sorry. ^-^
Green town, Kazematsuri (winds-festival). Tennouji Kotaro has spend usual days with Koube Kotori, Yoshino Haruhiko in the town, where has ideal that coexistance of civilization and nature.
For that peaceful town, a very busy days once a year will come. Kotarou decided to do part time job which is to collect the articles for the city's harvest festival--, which is like a big school festival, because there were witnesses of unconfirmed creatures and occult-like rumors in wind -festival.
At that time, Kotaro experienced very strange incidents. Kotaro asked help to Senri Akane, who is the president of the club of investigation of occult, and started investigation with other aquainted students.
It was supporsed to be just a curioustiy for advanture for Kotaro.
He was happy only to spend good time with his friends.

Kotaro has yet to know, that is linked to the truth that no one knows.

Her destiny*, will be changed?

* her is Kotaro? Kotaro is a girl ?
i thought kotaro is man, so i used 'he' for Kotaro. But if a girl, please read 'he' as 'she'
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