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Let me add this much noraemon and to any other Japanese natives reading this.

Our posts above aren't meant to drive anyone away, or bash Japan on a real harsh level.
Especially on a forum such as this where Japan = Holy land, I often find that I need to censor what I say, especially to a lot of anime fans who are starry eyed.

All countries have their problems, certain kinds prevail more than others per country, Xenophobia just happens to be one of Japan's most prevailant one.
So I've tried to toss in the good and bad in my previous post, but the truth is the truth and that's what I have to deal with (and others) if they want to live in Japan for a long period of time.
Originally Posted by Vexx
A friend of mine who lives in Japan calls the "dancing bear" syndrome... no matter how many years you're there, they're amazed you can use chopsticks, they're frightened when you speak Japanese, and you just make them nervous because you're different. You simply have to take on the task of being "ambassador" for outsiders and try to make them comfortable.
Can't really say it any truer than that to be honest.
Though 'dancing bear?' ... odotteiru kuma? xD
Sounds kinda cute, but I cannot relate the imagery or reference with it

But obviously for us to be insane, crazy or just plain masochistic to go through all this, means surely it must be worth the investment of our time and energy to get more natives comfortable with foreigners and expand their minds beyond limited stereotypes towards a more globalised front.

Least for me with London as my home city and growing up in such a multi-cultural environment, I think it's worth dedicating my life to; the country, people are culture are all still pretty damn cool
*shakes her fist*
And I damn well will be able to read a novel in japanese someday, dammit! xD
Just another thousand kanji to go or so... >.>

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