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Originally Posted by revan5 View Post
Anyone have any predictions as to who winds up fighting whom first?

1. Riful winds up going after Claire/new being before fighting Alicia/Beth
2. Alicia/Beth crash the party just as things are concluding
3. Wild guess is that they bring 10+ Abyss Feeders with them as backup, which would explain their confidence

I don't know personally, but I get the feeling the Organization sent 10+ Abyss Feeders so that the danger the mission wouldn't be completed successfully would be much lower. Unfortunately for them, there is not only Riful now, but Claire and the new Super-Abyssal.

Anyone else think this is going to end in disaster for the Organization?
First off, I have to bring this up:Originally(I emphasize that part), the Abyssal Feeders were merely guides for Alicia, as far as we know, they weren't ever going to fight.

Frankly, I don't see any reason why they SHOULDN'T fight, it would only help Alicia and Beth not to mention they still have the element of surprise. And considering the "experience-gaining" abilities of the AB's that apparantely carry over to the latest batch, if they grew a fresh batch of AB's to send with Alicia(which is what they said they were going to do), they'd be flawless. Nevertheless, Control is what they care about most; and if they said they weren't going to fight, they aren't going to fight(though I still emphasize the "originally" part, plans may have changed).

At any rate: I originally predicted that Alicia and Riful would have started fighting by now. That's obviously not the case. Nevertheless, I still don't think Riful will die at the hands of Claire or Raciella(at least not yet), though it would be a great twist:

My prediction on what will happen:

================================================== ==

1) Riful, sensing Raciella's awakening as we've seen, rockets back to her castle, leaving and ignoring the now obselete Renee. Dauf may stay behind to kill her or not, but it doesn't matter. Their is nothing she can tell the Organization that would impede Riful: They already know Riful's location, so Riful's most likely plan is too take Raciella, and escape to another castle, to plan her next moves.

2) Raciella awakens in her Super-Abyssal glory. Claire struggles and wakes up, confused over her identity and trying to piece together what's going on. She feels waves of emotions and feels like she "just woke up" for the first time. She tries to remember her name, but all that comes up is "Rafaela". However, before anything else happens, the smoke clears and their sits a physically grown woman with dark hair not saying a word. She appears to be just as confused; she looks at Claire with wonder and asks if they're related because she feels familiar. Claire has no answer and says she's just as confused, Raciella says no more and clings to her.

3) Claire feels the approaching Riful and she says they must escape. Alicia and Beth meanwhile are rocketing to Riful's castle to finish the job. Helen and Deneve have felt all this and want to hurry to the West to have Cynthia regenerate Helen's eye, but Deneve doesn't want either of them to encounter something else they've never seen before, and says they should go back to Rabona to meet with Miria before looking for Claire's group, even if this means leaving them alone for now(I admit, this probably won't happen as those two aren't smart enough to think rationally like that ). Raciella shows her impressive suppression abilities carried from Rafaela and manages to stealth the both of them away from the castle before Riful arrives.

4) Dauf meanwhile is still searching for Renee, and nearly catches her were in not for Cynthia and Yuma. The three of them manage to escape. Dauf tries to catch them but ends up with a nasty surprise: a horde of Abyssal Eaters. He fully transforms and manages to actually destroys 4 of the 11 Eaters, but that's still not enough to drive them off. Their speed, acquired overtime from the battle of Isley, dodge anything the bulky Awakened can do, they claw at his neck, face and exposed back and eventually bring him down. As Alicia arrives at the scene, Riful senses Dauf's demise and flies to the battle scene.

5) Riful arrives, enraged at the loss of her long-time minion. The handler pulls back the AE's from attacking, expresses his sarcastic pleasure in meeting her again and tells her death will sound the Organizations victory; for the creatures she sees before her brought about the end of Isley. Riful is shocked, but laughs, thanking the Organization for doing her job for her, and tells her this changes nothing, for Isley's greatest "token" is yet to reveal herself. The handler is confused and asks if she refers to the "female Awakened Being" that was defeated by Isley in the North but Riful says it doesn't matter, she's found a better minion then Dauf. The handler asks where is Renee and Rafaela. She tells him that she killed Renee, and Rafaela is hiding on her orders. The handler scoffs her; if it were true, Rafaela would be here helping Riful, but Riful says she needs no help to fight The Organizations "little golden girl". The handler proudly presents Alicia, the prototype for the next-generation soldier, but all Riful sees is the biggest sham of a Number 1 warrior in history. Alicia awakens as the handler orders an all-out attack.

6) The seven Abyssal Feeders rocket up Riful's appendages and claw at her, but her manipulation of her body tear them all to shreds. Riful's deduces many of their abilities quickly, surprising the handler and tells him it was easy enough to see how they died: the ones Dauf killed have their head complete squashed, a testimate to his brute strength. she silently thanks him as she slices them to bits. The handler is shocked and Riful tells him that he shouldn't be surprised, she's always hidden her true power very well. She also notices how the Feeders seem to circle themselves around Beth and wonders why she hasn't moved at all. Alicia's battle with Riful rages across the forest and ends up destroying her castle. Riful eventually manages to hide herself and attack Beth, causing Alicia to lose all control of herself and go completely beserk. Without any coordination, Riful easily manages to finish her off. The handler warns that they'll just create a new batch of Feeders and keep sending them till she's dead, but Riful tells him that she'll make Raciella kill them all before that happens. Even if they both die, Isley's trophy will kill everyone herself, the last words he hears before he's sliced to bits and Riful collapses on the floor.

7) Meanwhile Claire and Raciella have made their way through the forest and Claire is slowly regaining control of herself. She's looks at herself at a lake's surface and understands she's not the same girl in her memories. They end up however, stumbling upon a ruined Riful. Claire recognizes her as the enemy and she praises her creation and asks for her help, but Claire isn't going for it. Riful screams why she constantly rejects her, especially now that she's lost everything. She tells Raciella that she's the one who found her and tried to awaken her, but Raciella says that her "sister" is the one who helped her, who tried to push back her awakening and make her human again. Claire notes that Raciella's strength should be enough to finish Riful off and asks what happened; they'll keep her alive if she does. Riful slowly explains a few details, Alicia, and the AE's and Claire deduces the rest. Claire wonders why she's able to understand things better and wonders if her mind is working more sharply; the details however struck something inside her, she already knows, Rafaela has been investigating the Organization's research and found a secret R&D facility where a traumatized little girl was given the flesh of Awakened(Kudos to you Revan ), the eventual breeding ground of the AE's. Riful says those creatures will kill everyone and begs that they work together, but Claire says that they're more of a threat with her alive as they'll keep breeding and keep killing as long as they keep hunting her. Riful begs Raciella to help her one last time, but Raciella says no...although she was "sleeping" at the time, she could hear the world around her, and she heard how Riful would kill her before she woke up if she was too strong. Riful screams in agony and misery as Raciella finishes off the Abyssal of the West.

8) The Organization is distressed, they've had no choice but to assume Alicia and Beth were casualities. What has happened is making them question whether or not to increase the stock of Abyssal Eaters and create entire flocks. They believe Rabona has been a threat for too long, and they believe these women in black may have hidden themselves there. Claire and Raciella wander and eventually uncover Cynthia, Yuma and Renee. Cynthia recognizes her as "Claire" which clicks, and Claire at last understands everything. Claire tries to explain the situation and says they should return to Rabona as soon as possible to plan their next move. Helen and Deneve have already arrived and Galatea has sensed the defeat of Riful and says they're better of waiting and everyone is bound to regroup in Rabona so they're better off staying put. As the Ghosts make their way back to Rabona, Renee introduces herself to the group and is shocked to realize this is THE Claire, the previous No.47. She tells of Raki and is even more shocked to discover how close he could be. Renee questions the little girl with insurmountable yoki; Claire is scatterbrained but asks what exactly did his yoki felt like. Renee describes it as similar to Raciella; like an Abyssal One's, but so much more, and Claire is horrified at the impossible idea that this little girl could be....She moves with all her speed to the East, unaware that she is actually on head-on collision with Raki. As Raki makes his way to the West to the next town, he recounts his experiences with Priscilla and Isley, unaware that the next town will be the one he finally meets the girl he's been waiting for.

9) Rubel meanwhile is standing in the middle of a forest and recounts his latest report to a creature unlike anything ever seen before. Rubel asks for more time, he should be able to easily tamper with the creation of the AE's. Rubel warns and repeats the original plan: the Organization must be killed by their own creations or they'll start anew again someplace else. This creature warns "no promises" and says the situation is going steadily away from Rubel's control and Rubel looks distressed: "they are coming"


........God, after all that, I swear I felt like I just wrote a fanfiction

Well, this is my prediction on what will happen in the next 10 chapters or so, maybe more. I admit, alot of this stuff is made up straight off the top of my head, I honestly didn't plan to write as much as I did, but it was 2am, I'm bored and I got carried away. ,writing for about an hour and a half(lost track of time ). I managed to piece together details as I went along(praying that's not how Yagi writes his story) so this should make a somewhat amount of sense. Inspired by ideas of Revan and other users; Riful's death wasn't easy to write, being a fan of hers, but that's the most probable way she will die that I can think of(at least right now).

Roflmao at the last part, THAT came out nowhere, I don't even fully know if they are coming in this story or if they even should. I figured, "this is all only a theory, so I might as well"; It reminds me of the opening scene of Return of the Jedi where the commanding officer tells Vader then the Emperor asks for too much and he needs more men to finish the Death Star, Vader replies "Then perhaps you can tell him when he arrives", totally flooring the officer, The Emperor is coming.

2 things are probably going in your head:

1) how did the handler control the AE's?

This is something I've been thinking on. Their's at least a 50/50 chance that a handler will be there with Alicia when she fights. If the Abyssal Feeder's really are that programed, I believe they need some sort of control when it comes to Staff members, otherwise they're useless. They can't be used if they attack everything and everyone on site. They need to be "remote-controlled" on location as well as far away. That's why, I believe they can recognize the scent of the Staff members and take orders like a player controlling his units in a RTS game.

2) As for Miata in there, their's no actual date when she joined the Organization. Their's a huge time descrepsy, I know if Rafaela ever saw her, but it's possible she may have been kept around for that long in an attempt to control her because of her massive strength which they wouldn't give up on. Eventually, they gave up and threw her in her quarters as a "garbage disposal" for warriors that end up learning a bit too much. One brown-haired warrior however, ends up as Mama to her. This shocks them, so they try killing her off a different way: Sending her after Galatea, knowing full well of the Awakened there, who they believe would be enough to kill them all off. They didn't count on the Ghosts showing up though. As such, they know lost 2 warriors, one of them a potential No.1, Galatea is still at large, and these mysterious warriors in black who couldn't possibly be from the North.....

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