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Momoi Haruko hospitalized...

Momoi Haruko, the famed seiyuu for Komugi-chan and the vocal member of UNDER17, was taken into an emergency room after collapsing at Shinjuku Station from shortness of breath from a severe migraine.

Nakid (her talent agency) press release:


In regard to schedule changes for our talent agency’s artist “Momoi Haruko”

On June 22, 2004, Ms. Momoi lapsed into a severe shortness of breath from a major migraine at Shinjuku Station and was subsequently transported via ambulance to an emergency room. Doctors have announced that she is in stable condition; however she requires further examination, rest, and hospitalization.

I deeply apologize for the dilemma this will cause to fans and members of the industry, and I sincerely request the acknowledgement and cooperation from all the members of the community.

Hence, due to the reason stated as above, the following appearances will be put on hold:

June 27 (Sunday)
“Raganarok Online Dream Stadium ~ Shinjou Saidai no Saiten in Big Sight”
• Radio Kansai AM Kobe Public Recording “Amuse Station~Ragnarok Special”
• Bunka Housou Public Recording “Ragnarok Online THE RADIO ~Geki moe Rag-Radidan Shoka no jin~”
• RAGNAROK THE ANIMATION Special ~ Seiyuu Daishuugou! Anime on Stage
• Grand Finale

July 2 (Friday) ~ July 5 (Monday) (Local Time)
All events and concerts scheduled by UNDER17 at “Anime Expo 2004” (Anaheim, CA)
Once again, I deeply apologize for the nuisance this will cause to the fans looking forward to the events and were planning to go to the United States.

July 23, 2004
Nakid Corp.
President Makoto Hara
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