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::Major Edit:: Since the Saimoe main page has been ditched, this guide is officially outdated. I'll update it with new pics of the new main page when I fix my computer to see that weirdly encoded Japanese correctly.
Yay, Saimoe 2009 has officially started.
I found that "How to Vote" post, ::edit:: and now edited it to include the new rules and images. The Saimoe 2007 ver. was originally posted by Kinny Riddle. Please tell me if you see a problem with my updated version, and I'll change it.
Illustrated Instructions on How to Vote

All times below in Japan Standard Time
(Please check with your corresponding timezone

In order to vote, you would need a code.

- Codes are generated on every match day from 23:31 of the previous day to 23:03 of the match day itself.

- No code will be generated from 23:04-23:30 as time is spent for counting the votes.

- Each code is only valid for the the above times of that match day (see illustration below)

1. First head to the homepage of the tournament; the link's on the first page. You know you're there if you see a cute catgirl and the Saimoe 2009 logo on your web browser.

2. Next, we're gonna get our voting code so that we can vote. Scroll on down the page and click the highlighted link in the picture (this link is also in the first post).

3. After clicking the link for the code, another page will appear to prompt you to confirm

4. This is the code generating page, and now we wait till the time as designated on the page below (this image is just an example)

5. Now you have a code up and ready

6. Once you get your code, head on back to the home page. First click the pink "Vote" button at the top of the page

Then click the first link that shows up.

7. This will bring you to a search page with links to the various nomination/voting arenas. This tutorial was rewritten on May 20 (Japan time), so only the ア nomination thread exists. There will be links going to many different arenas once the actual voting starts. I may update this picture when that time arrives.

P.S. Voting threads are closed and reopened into new threads once a thread hits 1000 posts or a certain amount of KBs (1000 posts is more likely than hitting the KB limit). To play it safe, DON'T go to a voting thread where the post count is 900 or above, unless you can type pretty fast. You never know whether a wave of posts will come in right when you're filling out your vote, and I believe that overflow posts are disqualified. If the thread you wanna go into has >900 posts, just wait until that thread hits 1000 (which prob won't be long) and go into the new thread that'll be made.
::edit:: The "over 900(0) posts" thing shouldn't apply during nominations. You don't have to worry about rushes and the other BS voters like to do.

8. Push the 'End' keyboard button to get to the bottom of the voting thread quickly. You'll see the posting box here. Be sure to post your code, start a new line, then post your votes on their own lines. REMEMBER: the format for voting MUST be
<<A Saimoe approved character nameSaimoe approved name of the char’s anime>> (unless there's a Saimoe approved name that follows a different format)
They also suggest that you post some fanboy/girl stuffies in your post as well, like a haiku for how moe your votes are or some pictures of your characters.

9. That's it, you're done.

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