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Is Anime being abused?

I know this is going to start up a LOT of controversy, but I wanna express myself, don't take it too far.

What is Anime? It's the Japanese term for popular TV show entertainment, or "animation", where the word was coined. It mostly began in the beginning of the 20th century, the first with voices being "Chikara to Onna no Yo no Naka" and with Tezuka's well-known "Kimba the White Lion" being the first with animated color.

Speaking of Tezuka Osamu, aka the self-proclaimed "God of Manga", he was the one who truly made the manga and anime world blossom during the 70's. He created many revered and famous titles such as Astro Boy, Kimba the White Lion, Unico, mangas such as Princess Knight, Adolf, etc. He basically made manga and anime at it's brightest and got it to the height of it's fame. He helped Tomino Yoshiyuki create the Gundam franchise (or did he? I dunno). He created the best titles with good stories, good characters, good development and other stuff. Of course, there are classic anime such as Rose of Versailles, Glass no Kamen, Lady Lady and Candy Candy too. But...those were long ago. Although anime still continues to be popular to this's popularity seems to now be abused and exploited in the WRONG way.

Why do I say it's being popular in the WRONG way, you ask? Before, animators created their own creative stories with good characters, good plots, good development, somewhat realistic references, good setting, good plot devices, and many other things. But it seems that ever since 2005-2006, about 70% of anime has consisted of NOTHING but moe, lolicon, useless fan-service, ecchi, chest groping, people shoving their privates in other people's faces, non-seriousness, lack of discipline, maid outfits, bunny outfits and fetishes!...and now it's going to go WAY TOO FAR. The other 30% being the anime WITHOUT that useless stuff (such as anime from the like the World Masterpiece Theater, shows like the upcoming Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, some children's shows, Shounen Onmyouji WHICH I LOVE WITH A PASSION!!!, etc). And when I say "going way too far", I am referring to titles such as these:


Don't get me wrong, I am NOT criticizing ALL anime. I am just saying that the population of fan-service infested anime NEEDS to go down, such as titles like these. If someone wants to make titles like these, keep them in a low number! I just feel that people are suddenly loving these kinds of anime and don't realize that this is going too far in introducing horrible sexual stuff to the world. I mean, there's so much better anime that just want to be discovered. I don't mind simple fantasy ones or quiet slice-of-life titles or simple romance stories or murder mysteries or magical girl anime or supernatural stories about demons and spirits any of the stuff JUST as long as they ARE NOT infested with the stuff which I feel has made anime feel abused and made popular in the WRONG way.

I mean, there's so many things worth showing in anime, but not overused and dumb fan-service. I mean, even realistic events in the past such as World War II (Tezuka's Adolf) was portrayed in a manga, so have serious issues such as people being diagnosed with autism (Tobe's With The Light, a GREAT MANGA!!!) or any as such. There's also events in the past that are worth being animated, such as slavery, World War I, the Civil War, the Vietnam War, the Kennedy assassination, the war in Iraq, and other things along with serious issues such as clashes among religion, diseases such as Alzheimers or Huntington's, disorders such as Autism or Down syndrome, etc. Of course, not all anime have historical references. I mean, anime can also portray famous literature and stories into anime. I mean, look at how Romeo x Juliet turned out. Gonzo produced it in 2007 or 2008 (can't remember) yet it was a smash hit, yet it wasn't made by the World Masterpiece Theater (not that I don't like them, I'm just saying). Not only that, LMM's Anne of Green Gables is insanely popular in Japan, it's even getting a prequel now!

What I'm saying is, anime is about creating entertainment for everyone to enjoy in a good way, NOT about promoting fan-service, moe, lolicon, and sex fetishes! I know this is gonna cause a LOT of controversy, but say what you want. I'm just expressing my opinion.

Does anyone else feel that anime has been abused and exploited in the wrong way? Express how you feel!

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