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How to differentiate between bootlegs versus our Japanese DVDs by looking at the label (while not entirely the case, it is one example)

The label of my bootleg copy of "Angelic Layer" that I was duped into buying in the dark alleys of Akihabara

Note the misspelled MEPG2. Many bootleg DVDs have poor misspellings and grammatical errors.

While this one is in Japanese, my other one has an English warning label that reads:

WARNING: The copyright proprietor has licensed the film(including its soundtrack) comprised in DVD video disc for home only. All other rights are reserved. The definition of home use excluding the use of this DVD video disc at locations such as cluds, coaches, hospital, hotels, oil rigs, prisons and schools. Any unauthorized copying, editing, exhibition, renting, exchangihg, hiring, lending, public performance, diffusion and/or broadcast of this DVD video disc or any part thereof is strictly prohibited and any such action establishes liability for a civil action and may give rise to criminal prosecution.

Note the region coding is "0" NTSC.

Note the term D5x3 which literally means "three discs of DVD5." DVD5 means single-sided, single layer. There is no way a Japanese company will release an entire series on three single-sided single-layer DVD - our country's otakus are also annoyingly known to be hardcore AV fanatics who outcry on such degration of compressed video at such rate.

Note the 2 subtitled languages: "Chinese" and "English." Lest some exceptions, no Japanese DVD carry any subtitles at all - and even if they did, they will usually only carry English.

Note the e-mail address going to some basic e-mail server at Now why would a respectable Japanese anime company have their e-mails fowarded to a Yahoo account?

Note the barcode on both images. The barcode numbers are exactly the same on all bootleg DVDs from the same bootleg distributor. They both read: 4-988102-822712

Lesson learned that I will only buy stuffs at major retailers, my copy of "Shingetsutan Tsukihime Volume 3" DVD

Lest for the "Manufactured by Geneon Entertainment Inc. Made in Japan" everything else is in Japanese.

Note the region 2 marking

Most Japanese DVDs only carry one single track - a Linear PCM 2ch Stereo track in Japanese. There are no subtitles at all (with several exceptions)

Note the correct spelling of MPEG2

Japanese DVDs usually carry a price tag on each respective DVD. This one has a retail sticker for 5000 yen.

Note the minutes this DVD contains. 48 minutes - or 2 episode worth in one DVD. Unlike the bootleg which squeezes in as much episodes in a single-sided single-layer DVD, this only has 2 episodes on the same DVD5 format.

Japanese DVDs carry logos for JASRAC (something like the RIAA in the United States), the TV Station where it was aired on (in this case - TBS Animation), and the animation company the anime was made in (Rondo Robe)

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