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Originally Posted by Racheal
If buying from retail shops and the counter person does not know. Any distinguishing features or labels that would say the import dvd is from japan?
Region 2, absolutely. No alternate language tracks or subtitle features whatsoever. (A very few releases will have English subtitles, probably less than 1/50th of the total; a tiny proportion of those will have the English dub, but only if it's already been released in the US. No Chinese ANYTHING EVER.)

Episode count and price are extremely good "tells". You can check a reputable source (like CD Japan) for the original Japanese release; if the disc you are looking at has anything different, such as an increased episode count, it's not a legitimate Japanese release. It will also cost -out the nose-. Expect to pay double, possibly three times as much as you would for the equivalent American release. If it's a bargain, it's -not- the official Japanese release (they just don't DO that.)

Of course, virtually no Japanese R2 DVDs may be found in retail shops in the US anyway, so it's almost certainly bootleg from the very beginning. Especially in a store that doesn't know the difference between legit and bootleg product, you're highly, highly unlikely to find a legit release anyway.

Seriously, if you've got the money and you want to import the Japanese release, order it online from a reputable retailer. You can try to save a few bucks, but almost certainly that will result in your receiving a bootleg disc.
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