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Well, as long as all the cool kids are doing it...
1	Melancholy I			4/2/09
2	Melancholy II			4/9/09
3	Melancholy III			4/16/09
4	Melancholy IV			4/23/09
5	Melancholy V			4/30/09
6	Melancholy VI			5/7/09
7	Boredom				5/14/09
8	Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody		5/21/09
9	Mysterique Sign			5/28/09
10	Remote Island Syndrome I	6/4/09
11	Remote Island Syndrome II	6/11/09
12	Endless Eight			6/18/09
13	Endless Eight			6/25/09
14	Endless Eight			7/2/09
15	Sigh I				7/9/09
16	Sigh II				7/16/09
17	Sigh III			7/23/09
18	Sigh IV				7/30/09
19	Asahina Mikuru's Adventure 00	8/6/09
20	Live A Live			8/13/09
21	The Day of Sagittarius		8/20/09
22	Someday in the Rain		8/27/09
23	Disappearance I			9/3/09
24	Disappearance II		9/10/09
25	Disappearance III		9/17/09
26	Disappearance IV		9/24/09
27	Disappearance V			10/1/09
28	Charmed at First Sight LOVER	10/8/09
Come to think of it, "LOVER" is a pretty decent place to end the season. It can be seen as related to the overall theme of Disappearance, and has a nice ending ending, almost as good as the final Disappearance closure, but much more similar to the feel that "Someday in the Rain" gave. Of course, they could also leave it for next season (or make it a DVD-only episode) and instead extend Disappearance a bit and tack on the appropriate part of the Intrigues prologue.

Also wouldn't surprise me, especially after how they handled "Endless Eight", if they actually extended Sigh a bit. In the novel itself there are portions where the author montages scenes. If KyoAni wanted to, they could always expand on those. And keep in mind there is no mention in the novels of any Mikuru singing the OP, which was of course done in the anime. The recording of that alone could be worth at least half an episode...
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