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Originally Posted by Cyclone View Post
Not a problem. I actually liked that idea too, despite the fact I prefer japanese RPGs to FPS style games. Just don't want to take credit when it's not due though.
The idea isn't really FPS-style, I had something in mind more like Grand Theft Auto - a PC open-world environment through a third-person view where you control your character and basically do what you want.

You'll play as Claire and basically go through the game like the manga, or go off and do your own thing as you please, like a "make your own adventure thing". As you explore and meet people, they eventually become unlockable characters and can play as them in their own adventure that you make. Progressing unlocks skill trees(like Diablo) where you can either get the same abilities as the character in the manga, or branch off and level up your own way. Would be curious seeing, say, Deneve, having the sensing skills that surpass Galatea . Leveling up extremely slowly will make you a stronger Awakened, which you have the choice of becoming whenever you feel like it, provided you understand the consequences - you'll lose "points"(or whatever) with everybody and be forced to feed, though transforming makes you liable to make better friendship points with other Awakened as they understand you. And of course, like KOTOR, your actions will control where the story goes. If you're Clarice and you refuse to breastfeed Miata for too long, this could end with very dark consequences.

It would be cool because everyone would have their own system of combat based on the characters; some like Raki, who has no yoki at all, would have something very unique to be around his fighting style.

At the very least, a game like that has the ground for alot of creativity and free-reign and it's really what you need for a manga like Claymore. Throw out some more ideas everyone
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