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Originally Posted by Paiser
Well, I wish there wasnt season 2 either. Yet Gainax has left a empty plot for us viewers hm... what the hell happened to Hikari? Will she come back? Will Takeru look up on the sky forever and die of old age? Will he tap Mari's ass? That just disturbs me when they make fuzzy wuzzy anime. Still Ova seriously would be nice. Not stupid ova's like reviewing the series.
LOL...I think he'd tap it. I want to know what others think about that big freakin' star that's in geo-synchronous orbit with Japan. The government has got to be thinking that something is targeting them or something like that! Fuzzy wuzzy...they are...hmm...indifferent for me. I'm watching Kimi ga Nozomu Eien and I can barely handle an ep a day w/o wanting to skip through it. And no...they should not turn Takeru into a god, he can barely handle being human. Maybe turn him into a pair of panties or something.
I think that OVAs would be good minus the recap of course. They can come back when everyone is older, and she finds out that Takeru had a ton of kids w/ Mari, then My Goddess pops up and she sets loose the butterflies fear them!!!, and the whole world gets reset, and they leave. The End.
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