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loved the first episode as much as you guys did, especially the musical number at the beginning... (not really adding anything new to what has been already said) :P

I was youtubing for the musical and I somehow came across with what I believe is the song the episode was playing homage to.

Originally Posted by youtube_info
The popular song of this Japan was composed in 1919, and became a great hit.
The person of composition is a young man of 17 years old called Satsuki Soeda.

If it is a person living in U.S.A. understood it, he attached a text to "Marching Through Georgia".

The original meaning of "Enka" is "A song of a political speech".
They pronounced it "En_zetsu_ka" in the Japanese, and people called "Enkashi" sang.
※(En_zetsu:political speech, ka:song)

This song is song of the time when "Enka" was still used in an original meaning.

The contents of the text are criticism of an introduction of Tokyo and the politics of Tokyo.
A lot of parodies were made.

The song which made "the life and a human feeling" a text later appeared.
These were called "Enka" in a meaning called "a fascinating song".
※(En:fascinating, ka:song)
It is said that this became present "Enka".

The image is scenery of Tokyo of the 1930's.
and i thought it was just a random song...
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