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Question: Are you saying that Teresa over estimated Priscilla? or that Teresa underestimated herself?

There's no right or wrong just want to here your thoughts since I'm done saying my two cents on the matter.
I will say what I said again: The only way Priscilla could ever beat Teresa, was if Priscilla was fully awakened and Teresa was still in a Claymore state. In every other imaginable matchup, Teresa would win easily.

It's not that Teresa underestimated herself: She was thinking of what it would be like if they saw eachother again as fellow warriors. Teresa rarely uses her unbeatable yoki and Priscilla keeps her's fully suppressed. It's not about who has the stronger power, it's who's got the better swordsmanship. In terms of yoki, Teresa will always been planets away from Priscilla, but with swordsmanship, sooner or later, Priscilla will get to her.

Clare's real opponent in a match with Priscilla would be against herself. After all right after Teresa dies Clare says that she didn't hate Priscilla but she hated her own fear. What's she trying to conquer is her own disgust with herself, her memories, and fears of that day. Though I suspect to some level she is lying to herself about how she doesn't hate Priscilla at all... well see how much. Lets face it I sure Clare could live with herself for not avenging Ophelia past too... and she knows both Teresa and Irene would want nothing more then for her to live.
All this is why it's the popular theory that Claire's "tragic fatal mistake" is trying to kill Priscilla, who's most likely trying to find Claire with Raki for her help in order to revert back. I see no way for Claire to kill Priscilla, even in her weakened state, unless she fully awakens and that's what she most likely is going to do. But is that what Raki wants? what the Ghosts want? What Teresa, Irene and Rafaela wanted? No. They want her to be human, to be happy; they don't want her to live a lonely life for revenge, a life that even if Claire succeeds and kills Priscilla, isn't gonna change anything because it won't bring Teresa back. She may kill the girl who killed her mother-figure, but life will go on, Yoma will butcher, and the Organization who ordered the kill will still exist. If anything, by fully awakening and killing Priscilla, all she's doing to herself is destroying herself, because her mission is still incomplete.

It's more then revenge, Claire needs to let go of everything, of her fears and trauma of that day, if their is any hope of breaking "the cycle" as Revan believes: the cycle of tragic potentially-amazing women having their hearts broken and awakening. Right now, Claire is her own worst enemy, and if she does awaken, she'll only be a subject of fear and hatred across the island by following generations, until another little girl comes along and tries to kill Claire for a reason, probably "revenge" or "justice". You're right, Claire probably hates Priscilla to a degree, but she hates herself more for being so defenseless in that moment. Putting all the blame towards Priscilla is just an excuse she's made to cover up her insecurities. The "layers" Claire has is amazing: she's a passionate straight-forward fiery woman who tries to hide everything under a cool indifferent stoic surface, and underneath all that, is a trembling scared little girl who wants her mommy back and possibly thinks killing another little girl will do it.

Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me one single bit if Claire has this idea that killing Priscilla will magically bring Teresa back in her life. Not one bit.

Of course the plot won't end with Priscilla joining them; it's like I already said, their is much more to the story then Claire and Priscilla. Priscilla will find her way to a half-awakened state and Claire will finally cool it . After wards, the Organization will be the final enemy to be dealt with and after that, their is a chance Dragonkin will show up.

Will they? Who knows; I like twists, and everything can be completely different then what I'm predicting. Who knows, maybe Alicia fully awakens and runs off on her own. Priscilla joining the ghosts however will definitely won't be the end, too much else to just leave aside.

This is Claymore, not Claremore; she may be the "main protagonist" but that's only technically speaking. We wouldn't have so much screentime and emphasis on other characters if it was all about her.

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