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Originally Posted by golthin View Post
what is there to explain? like in many stories, the girl fell for the guy because he was nice to her and nobody else was, and she was lonely. Very common reasons women fell for men and she told this to him. The only difference was that the girl took the initiative and the boy accepted her feelings.
I need to expand on that.

Hitagi didn't fall for the guy because he was nice to her; if it was all about doing one favor for another, then what she said in ep 3, that of doing him a favor of his choice for one week (perverted or not), would have been enough to even the score.

What made Hitagi love him is NOT what he had done, but who he IS as a person. To love someone isn't an action, but a state of being. She would BECOME his lover, fundamentally changing her status as an individual. But to do that, she can't love him just because of his actions, but who he IS as a human being.

Hitagi love him because he is the type of guy who help people unconditionally. Love for who he is, not what he does. And that's why it took until ep 5 for her to confess, as that was how long she took to confirm he is the type of person she wants to love.
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