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Monster, a rare and complex anime that comes every once in a decade

Well, this is just a cut an paste from another post that I wrote. But I consider that with this message you can count me in in the Monster's club

I would also like to take advantage of this tread to know why you guys like monster as well

Let me describe my feelings towards this anime with a short sentence: A rare, complex and beautiful anime that only comes every once in a decade.

That's right, this anime is beautiful. First of all, the art is just gorgeous, it is so well drawn that it accurately portrays the character's feelings and the atmosphere of each situation. It has beautiful footage. Its footage is so good that you actually get the feeling of watching a movie instead of an anime. Now the music blends in perfectly at all times, and besides it is beautiful It plays my favorite instrument all the time, the violin. And let me tell you that I consider the violin to be the best music instrument ever due to its ability to picture feelings. Hence, what do you get when you combine good footage with good music? The result is a good atmosphere. These two elements were the first good impact that I got from this series.

However the most important element that makes me consider that this anime is beautiful, is its story line. How can I describe it? The storyline resembles a novel adapted into a TV show. Do I make enough sense? I guess not. In other words the story is very detailed. It is told in chronological order of events and it intents to describe the most insignificant aspects of the scenario. You can get long shoots at the rain or at person's facial expression just to make feel the impact of the current situation. Therefore, being this anime a mystery and suspense kind I'll assure you that at times you can feel scared or anxious. And if you ask me, I can say that this anime is very good at playing around with emotions

If you want me to compare this anime with something else, I would say that there is no other anime that can be compared to it as far as I know. But you can certainly compare it with "The six sense" and "The X files" but of course you would have to take out all science fiction involved in these two films. The result then would be a mature and realistic thriller that takes place in the late 80s when the Berlin wall was taken down in Germany.
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