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(Could someone translate the second image please?)
Sheryl: Alto, breakfast still not done?

Kids: *Echo* Still not done?

Alto: *Thinking to himself: Finally awake?* This is no longer breakfast, its lunch now, isn't it?

Sheryl: But my work ended late last night!

Kids: Mom & dad fighting again? Don't fight.

Sheryl: We are not fighting. Mom and dad are always happy together.

~ET13 spiced things up from here~

Sheryl: *Continues* But, don't be like dad who gets mad easily in the morning.

Alto: Hey!

Son: Then, then, I want to marry Mama. I will not get mad, and I will cook, too!

Sheryl: Maa, so gentle. (Unlike Papa)

Alto: ...(mad)

Sheryl: That's right. If you marry Mama, be gentle, strong, a good cook, wonderful...

Alto: (Getting mad)

Son: I will, I will

Daughter: Papa, hug

Sheryl: *Continues* Become a person like Papa.

Alto: Wha...

Son: I will!

Alto & Sheryl stare at each other.

Alto: ...sheesh

Alto: Here, I will make food now~

Kids: Yay~ (I think Sheryl might be included in this)

(At bottom of frame) And they lived happily ever after!

- Tak

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