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Another cute Arusheri family comic! XD
Spoiler for kawaii~:
Thanks to ET13 for providing the translation for this one!

Title: "The correct way to remember"

Son: Mama, I want to listen to the song "Don Bee Lay"!

Alto: "Don Bee Lay"?

Son: Because I like the song.

Sheryl: Fufu~ I think he means "Iteza [Gogo Kuji Don't be Late]" (Out of bubble: That's fine.)

Daughter (running over): MAMA~!

Daughter: I also want to listen to the song "I want to die"! (I think she is referring to the chorus "I want to live" from "LION".)

Alto & Sheryl: Eh...That...?

Daughter: Mama's songs are so cool~

Son: That's right, I like them, too.

(Subtitle: Truly, there is a...bit of resemblance.)

(In box: Practice.)

Sheryl: No.O.Za.N.Ku.Ro.Su!! (Northern Cross) Now you try!!

Kids: No~zan Kurosu~

(Subtitle: Papa and Mama are desperate.)

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Edit: ^ At above: WTF X'D!?
[Here was my image link.
It has been taken off because somebody posted 5 minutes before me :"D]
Never underestimate my fanart-hunting powers! >8D


yes it is!

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