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Hello friends, I see that you are having quite a deep conversation here. It happens that I stumbled into this thread way back on page 479 when the discussion was centering around the R+V Guide Book. Well, it just so happens that I own said book and was the one to scan the 2 manga chapters from it, as well as scanlate the full color omake. I'm also a regular on the Franky House scanlation group forums. So that's partly why I'm here.

So I give you all a gift of the answers to some burning questions that may or may not have been answered back then about the characters personal profiles.

Within this tag is a copy pasta of the info I posted some months back.

The following quotes are also some of the things that has been under discussion, and we came to the conclusion that Tsukune has used that mysterious power of his to gather the "cream of the crop" the the members of his harem. So what is being said here is fairly accurate.

Originally Posted by Magin View Post
So let's get the stats up here, from what we know so far:

Moka (and probably Inner to be specific): According to Karua, has potential to be the strongest of all the Starbuck Sisters

Mizore: I believe it was mentioned that she's the greatest of those in her village (and who knows if there are actually any other villages?)

Sun: She's the strongest of her kind as well, according to this chapter

Yukari: Um... well, not all that strong yet, but she is technically a genius

Ruby is simply a masochist, and Kurumu... well, nothing about "being the strongest" when it comes to her has been mentioned yet. And Tsukune, of course, seems to be shaping up to become the best of both worlds *shudders as I unconsciously remember Hannah Montana*...

Dammit Tsukune, your harem isn't allowed to rival Tenchi's!!! Seriously, three of the girls who are the strongest of their kind, and you turning into a badass hybrid... i guess that's what makes this such a great series though (even if Sun is Gin's and not Tsukune's... you get the point)
Originally Posted by Johnny View Post
Well on Kurumu having expectional ablilties. I thought inner Moka said her succubus's powers are greater than normal with her illusions...
Kurumu being exceptional is also correct, but like the others, she needs to train it more because she's still not too familiar with her full power yet.

Yukari and Ruby probably aren't slouches either, but in Yukari's case, she needs to learn some more various combat spells to really pose a threat. Ruby uses her wings most of the time but could also use a broader range of spells to cast as well.

Mizore is indeed strong, and there is still lots of room for improvement if she wanted. Heck, an army of ice dolls would be pretty difficult to overcome if she really put in the effort.

Sun is already spoken for, so no need to elaborate.

And then there's Moka.... Ah lovely, sexy inner Moka. So strong, yet so easy to defeat. Moka's fighting style being that she HAS to get up close and personal to beat her opponent is also her biggest weakness, as Ruby's master was able to exploit just before Ruby intervened.

All one has to do is get her off the ground and keep her suspended off the ground like a pinotta either with tentacles or levitation, then shoot at her like you would a target on a shooting range. Preferably with anti-tank riffles, RPGs, Bazookas or any other heavy artillery that may be laying around.

Yes, I can be a sick puppy sometimes, but hey, who else would think of these things? But all in all, I hope you enjoyed this post as I did writing it.
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