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Originally Posted by Archer View Post
Because it assumes that magic doesn't exist, period.

Most of the Umineko fandom seem to take the meta-world for granted, since it's not required for the game to question the meta-world. I don't think that's right.

I've been reading what Ryuukishi's been saying at the moment, and I believe that he's purposely avoiding the main issue of "what are witches?" I take it that it's up to the reader to solve this mystery, and that mystery begins with a simple thought process: what is magic? If we believe what we see, we might end up with the Higurashi-style ending.

If we don't, then I see Umineko ending "outside of the meta-world", and in the actual real world, which doesn't allow for the magical or the supernatural. My theory has to do with that. However, most of english-speaking fandom would believe that such a thing isn't possible, and questioning the meta-world's existence doesn't have any reasonable logic or evidence behind it (Most of the attention in the story thus far have been on the gameboards and the meta-world, so we've gotten accustomed to it).
Are you saying that the english speaking people aren't open to new theories? Of course we are! That would be very interesting!
I actually had a crack theory about the Meta-World awhile back.


More epic crack xD
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