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Originally Posted by BetoJR View Post
He didn't save anyone. Alicia did. Never forget that.
Well, without him doing it to Alicia she would not have awakened. Don' t forget that too... I didn't forget the part of Alicia.

Originally Posted by Darknemo2000 View Post
He fucking threatened to the head of a country. Are you at least capable to comprehend that? NO matter, what the circumstances and what results are there is no way one would be pardoned just like that.

Result does not justify the means, you should be grown up enough to understand that. Means are sometimes even more important than the result.
Look at the scene again. Do you think Cordelia would have played the game if he had not asked her to trust his actions? Funny that she did not say not to listen to him and ordered to kill Faldio. Therefore results overshadows his actions.

We can discuss this again and again but this has nothing do to with Welkin.
Born the same day as Satoshi Urushihara... Ill fated?

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