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I disagree with you all.
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Taken from Ep9's thread.

Originally Posted by kenshin-dono View Post
this was posted way back on the first few pages.. but it never got clarification, can anyone clarify what is in the 4th volume of the novels that would clarify lawrences hesitations with their relationship? thats kinda the main thing in the story and im wondering what us anime only watchers missed
Lawrence did broach - or at least came within spitting distance - the subject of Horo staying with him instead of with her pack. And Horo told him to stop. It wasn't an actual refusal - she just signaled that she wasn't ready to make that choice, and that just thinking about it was painful.

So his hesitation isn't the usual Cannot Spit It Out. It's perfectly reasonable fear that if he pushes now, he'll lose it all.
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