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VA Rie Tanaka Says, "Get Some! Get Some!"

Down through the years a common reaction of surprise and astonishment among Japanese viewers regarding voice actress (seiyuu) Tanaka Rie's range and versatility goes something like this...

Recently in the [Studio Rikka] Eve no Jikan act:05 [Yoshiura Yasuhiro] anime thread on the 2-Channel message boards,

AG1fwIGf0 wrote in Post # 802 on Sunday, September 20, 2009, 15:17:19 Japan Time:


Sammy to do hentai Liang Qi no naka no hito ga onaji toha omoenai ... bikkuri w

I can't believe that the same person [Tanaka Rie] voices Sammy [in Eve no Jikan (TIME OF EVE)] and the sadomasochistic pervert Liang Qi [in CANAAN] ... I'm amazed lol

HwNTSrj7O replied in Post # 813 on Sunday, September 20, 2009, 20:02:11 Japan Time:


Sammy: "Get some!! Get some!! Get some!!"

Tanaka Rie has a knack for delivering memorable lines, from Liang Qi's "Get some!! Get some!" in CANAAN to Suigintou's "Junk ni shite ageru(wa)!!" ("I'll turn you into junk!!") and "Nyuusankin totteruu?" ("Have you been drinking your lactic acid bacteria beverages [e.g., Yakult]?" in Rozen Maiden to Chii's "Chii" and "Pantsu pantsu" in Chobits.

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