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I normally don't look too much into the numbers, but something caught my attention. After seeing the S2009R3E1 poster, the Hina/Yui match could be one hell of a match.

Both placed first in their prelims group. Okay... those were just prelims.

Hina was 1st in total votes and percentage votes for her match in round 1. Yui was 5th and 6th in those categories. Moving on...

Here's where it gets interesting:
In round 2, Yui was 1st in overall votes and 6th in percentage votes for her match. Hina was 13th in total votes and 1st in percentage votes for her match.

What might this mean? Yui had to have a large number of votes in order to win because Furude Rika was a strong challenger. Hina, on the other hand, had weaker opponents thus getting a larger percentage of votes for that match and also her overall strength may have lead to less voter participation.

What were the total match votes:
Hina votes / Total votes: 603 / 976
Yui votes / Total votes: 836 / 1704
A huge difference in participation, but regardless... wins are wins.

Maybe these numbers won't matter all too much, but I'm expecting a close match and a damn good one with a large amount of participation given their fanbases. It could be close... maybe even ending in a tie (though the likelihood of that is small, but not improbable).

Now I'm getting excited just thinking about tomorrow when I see the results!
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