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PS3 Ads Still Not Learning: Nazi Blood Infusion Madness

The same Regular Joe is in a Nazi hospital (complete with swastika bed heads) giving a blood transfusion to the Desert Fox himself, Feldmarschall Erwin Rommel. Who, despite escaping the war with his reputation (if not his life) in tact, was at the end of the day still a Nazi general. So...if you buy a PS3, you Rommel, the war for the Nazis?
I think many of these developing nations are causing Sony much grief, especially the fact that they are members of Sony itself. *facepalm*

Then again, perhaps the guys at Chile's division have a good reason to pull this off thinking that it made help increase the amount of sales of the PS3 as that it catches people's attention. On the other hand, the owners of Sony may probably be upset.
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